Barriere First Responders Society is a not-for-profit society who responds to medical emergencies in the Barriere District and area in an effort to assist patients until BC Ambulance arrives.

Our purpose...

Barriere First Responders is a not-for-profit society the provides emergency medical care to patients per the request of the British Columbia Ambulance Service. First Responders are trained to provide basic life saving procedures that are critical to patients life and safety when a Ambulance delay is inevitable. Our society responds to approximately 60 calls annually in the District of Barriere and surrounding area. The society has no source of funding and strictly does fundraisers for funds to buy restock, equipment, fuel, insurance, and training supplies. We look forward to serving the community and hope that if you have any questions that you will contact us, we are more then willing to answer them!

Make a Difference Helping to Save Lives - Join the Barriere First Responders!

Attend a Recruitment Orientation on the first Monday of each month at 7:00pm at the Barriere Fire Hall to obtain all the information and get your questions answered.

First Aid Services

Event First Aid Cover

First Aid ServicesWe specialises in providing tailored medical covererage to all types of events. We can provide cover for any type and size of event, anywhere within the North Thompson area.

Over the years Barriere First Responders have provided our expertise in many different types of events including, equestrian, music, rodeo, football and road running events along with a wide range of corporate events and Festivals.

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We are 100% volunteer driven and rely on volunteers and donors to keep us serving the residents of our community and outlying areas.

Canadian Red Cross First Responder Course

Red Cross First Responder CourseA first responder is an important part of the Emergency Health System (EMS).  They provide a link between the patient and EMS.  As a trained first responder on scene your actions may be critical.

Course material covers:

  • Preparing to Respond
  • Establishing Priorities of Care
  • Injuries
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Special Population and Situations

Upon completion, you will gain knowledge, skills, and confidence to give appropriate care when you are called upon.

Instructors:  Heather Eustache and Drew McMartin

This course includes Health Care Provider CPR

To register please call us, Heather Eustache @ 250-319-0459, Drew McMartin @ 778-220-6542